10 New Age Workouts Which Are Perfect For Women

As women cross the 25 age mark, they start getting worried about getting old. Suddenly, taking care of their body becomes a priority, because the strength will not stay put unless you make an effort to keep your body fit and healthy. But I have noticed an irregularity in that pattern. Most women’s concern is their beauty. They spend a lot on skin and hair products to age gracefully.
But they forget that with age, their internal body is also getting weak. The bones, stamina etc starts falling during the late 20s. To win the battle against that, they need good workout options which can help them maintain a healthy body and stronger bones.
So, we have listed a couple of fun workout ideas, which will motivate you to stay healthy and strong.

1. Hip Hop/Funk

Dancing is the most enjoyable form of workout. It burns a lot of calories and you end up having a lot of fun, and also learning a new and impressive skill. The hip and hot workout will make you sweat and you’ll end up learning a lot of new groovy moves. The steps with impact will also help in regaining bone strength.

2. Power Yoga

This customizable yoga style influenced by aerobic exercise. There is variation in poses after regular intervals which doesn’t let it get boring. These calorie-burning exercise will strengthen your body, increases flexibility & stamina and improve posture and balance.

3. Contemporary Dance

This universal language of movement will not fail to amaze you. Learning contemporary dance will not only make you more flexible and strong but will improve the condition of your heart and lungs. It also increases muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness along with stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

4. Zumba

It’s more of a party than a workout. You don’t need any partners. Just a pair of tennis shoes and lot of enthusiasm. The rigorous choreography has cardiovascular and body-shaping benefits which tone your muscles and develops lot of core strength.

5. Pilates

It will make you flexible AF. Like seriously. The best way to gain agility is pilates. It also increases the muscle strength primarily in the abdominal area. Your lower back, hips, and buttocks get toned and muscular control of your back and limbs gets enhanced.

6. Forza

This workout is based on Japanese sword-fighting techniques and is an epitome of strength and power. Actions like slicing, chopping and thrusting are done using a wooden sword in addition to lungs and foot movements. This workout will rigorously tone your arms and legs and improve your concentration. You might just discover your inner samurai.

7. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is the best way to achieve a good cardiovascular workout. It’s an excellent exercise to improve your bone strength. Every impact makes your bones stronger and gets your heart rate going to increase circulation in your body. It also enhances your body coordination.

8. Marathon Running

One of the best workouts for stronger bones. Although, it takes a lot of effort and perseverance. It increases capillary growth in the muscle fibers and improves your stamina by leaps and bounds. Run a marathon for a healthier heart and stronger bones.

9. Doonya

If you cannot make up your mind about which dance form to choose for your workout because you love them all, this combination of Bollywood dance, jazz, and hip-hop is perfect for you! This high-energy dance form will burn calories like magic.

10. Aerial Yoga

This kind of yoga is performed using silky and hammock-like material which enables you to float in the air while you do the asanas. It increases body strength, concentration, core, and mobility.
Your body will naturally start wearing out with age, and then it becomes your responsibility to make an effort to keep it fit and healthy. These workouts will keep your heart healthy, and bones strong!
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