11 Reasons Why you should Travel Netherlands

If you love to travel or a travel blogger, then you should not miss Netherlands. It is a country which should be loved for its spirit. If there’s some something which is non existent, the Dutch will build it, manufacture it, launch it ( the Netherlands is actually one of the world’s start-up hub) to make it in realty. Seems like that they believe in anything’s possible. Today I’m going to share some mind-blowing facts about Netherlands which are going to tempt you to travel Netherlands:

1. No Stray Dogs

Netherlands is the only country with no stray dogs. They have strict laws against animal abuse so you’ll find absolutely no stray dogs.

No Stray Dogs in Netherlands

2. World’s First Solar Powered Bike Lane

It has World’s first solar-powered bike lane- They have a 70 meter Solar road which generates 70 kwh per square meter per year which is enough electricity to power a small household for a year.

Solar Powered Bike Lane in Netherlands

3. Charging Points for Electric Cars

There are charging points for Electric cars every 50 kms- Charging points were opened for citizens who drive electric cars.

Electric Car Charging Point

4. Car Free Town

There is a town where nobody drives cars- The town plan prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists over cars.

5. No Prisoners

They keep closing prisons down due to lack of prisoners- They have closed 19 prisons since 2009. They even imported 240 prisoners from Norway just to keep the facilities full!

Bant Bantsiliek- Prison in Netherland

6. Man Made Wild Life Crossings

There are wildlife crossings for animals living in the forests- It has 6000 crossings and ecoducts for various animals.

Wildlife Crossings in Netherlands

7. Healthiest Country in the World

The Netherlands is the healthiest country in the world for diet: The Netherlands ranked first in the world, above France and Switzerland, for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable food among 125 countries in an Oxfam report.

8. Invention of Gin

Gin was invented by the Dutch and introduced to the Brits: Gin (jenever) was invented in the 16th century, and reportedly became popular in Great Britain after William of Orange (King William III) occupied the English, Scottish and Irish thrones with his wife Mary. A popular story for the term ‘Dutch courage’ allegedly derives from when gin was used by Brits and the Dutch during the Thirty Years’ War.

DecaturGins- Netherland

9. World’s Beer Exporter

The Netherlands is the world’s second biggest beer exporter: Dutch brewers exported 1.6 billion euros of beer in 2014 – one-third going to US markets – and was the world’s biggest exporter of beer until 2010, when it was overtaken by Mexico. 70% of the world’s bacon comes from Netherlands.

Jopen_beer_(Lentebier) Netherlands

10. If Cycling is your Love

Cycling in the Netherlands is the safest in the world: A study from Rutgers University reported the Netherlands has the lowest rates of serious injuries per million kilometers cycled. This is thanks to 35,000 km of excellent cycle lanes and that bikes get the same respect as cars – and not just on the roads. Groningen station has a whopping 10,000 bike spaces.

Girls Cycling in Netherlands

11. Being Student in Netherlands

If you are a Dutch student, you get free transportation all around the Netherlands! Bus, train, tram… All free with the Student OV-chipkaart . They can choose whether having weekdays or weekends free and still need to swipe their card, but they can travel around for free and that’s amazing! On the days they don’t have it free, they can still use their student card to get a great discount on transport prices. Win!

Transportation in Netherlands


What are your plans now?

I think that these points must have blown your mind away and you’re ready to pack your bags for Netherlands. I would love know your thoughts through comments section below.

Chhavi Chawla

An MBA by profession, a writer by heart.Music buff,who loves to travel new locations & try new cuisines, meet new people.