12 Unconventional Bollywood Films Which Depict Different Shades Of Love!

Love is a feeling which can’t be defined in a single sentence. Rather, I think it can’t be defined at all. It means different things to different people. While for some people it doesn’t mean anything at all, for others it might mean their entire world. Whatever may be the case, one thing is for sure, this four letter word definitely makes the world go round! And Bollywood too! 
I have no clue what would our darling film industry make movies on if there was no love. You see, we’re yet to venture into Hollywood-ish subjects like alien attacks, rise of the machines, and zombie invasions. Yet, it’s amazing to see how Bollywood has come a long way since the good old days. You know, the days when there was only one largely (ab)used formula in every damn movie- boy meets girl, boy-girl have a tiff, but then boy-girl fall in love, parents oppose, boy fights goons, boy gets the girl and the parents’ blessings too. Phew! Thankfully the times have changed drastically and so has the content in our films.

Courtesy: Indiatimes