14 Signs She Likes You Too

You meet a girl and fall head over heels in love with her instantly. Everybody around notices it too, but the one thing nobody really knows is what the girl really feels about you. We crush over all kinds of girls in our younger years – some of them fizzle away with time, some of them stay on in our minds in the form of regret – regret of not walking up to her and telling her how you feel, regret of not knowing if it could have worked out. And if you’re good with reading signs, you’d instantly know when it is totally worth taking a chance. For the rest of you, here are 14 signs she likes you too, in all probability, just so you can gather the courage to make a move on her.

1. When two people are attracted to each other, their friends know it much before they do. That’s why they keep linking them up every time. And there’s a lot you can get to know about her feelings from the way she responds to the jokes. It’s not hard to tell if she’s secretly enjoying it. If she plays along every time her friends tease her with you, she might be genuinely interested!

2. Whenever you’re out in a group, she makes it a point to sit close to you. She may be doing it subconsciously but it is definitely a sign of attraction. So, the next time you two go out with a bunch of friends, notice if she takes the seat next to you!

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3. It literally takes nothing for you to make her blush. She goes red in the face even if you just simply look at her and smile. It only means you must be doing something right.

4. She’s always teasing you with other girls. It’s her way of knowing your ‘type’ in girls and if she fits in. It could also be because she’s probably still in denial, trying to convince herself that she’s really not into you. It’s common for female friends to tease you with other girls but there’s definitely something more to it if she’s going over the top, linking you with others.

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5. She maintains eye contact, whenever she’s talking to you. There’s a certain look in her eyes that is quite easy to catch if you pay enough attention.

6. The way she hugs you every time you meet is a lot different than a ‘regular, friendly hug’. It feels like she was really, really, looking forward to seeing you. It’s warmer, more intimate and lasts a little longer.

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7. She kind of steers every conversation towards your personal life. She’s always interested in knowing if you have a girlfriend or even if you are on the lookout. Try confusing her and creating some mystery around your relationship status the next time she asks you about it. If it looks like the curiosity is killing her, you definitely have another sign.

8. You know how you’re constantly on the lookout for moments when you can spend some alone time with her? Well, she’s probably doing the same, in her own ways. If you find her flirting with you a lot, especially when nobody is around, chances are, she likes you too.

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9. She’s always noticing you. You know she’s looking at you while you talk to someone, you know she’s noticing the way you talk, she’s noticing whether you check out other women passing by or not, she’s listening to every word you speak even if you’re not talking to her.

10. She may not be very vocal about the way she feels about you, but she doesn’t deny that there could be something going on between you two either. She just slips out of every situation with a mysterious laugh or a blank look.

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11. She wants to keep the conversation going and would do anything to keep you hooked on to it. Every ‘bye’ in WhatsApp is followed by a hundred new messages about something completely random. She always has something to say.

12. Every once in a while, she lets you in to her personal life. She doesn’t mind being vulnerable to you. She seems very comfortable opening up to you about the many problems in her life.

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13. There are times when she’s pissed at you for no apparent reason and doesn’t even try to hide them. That could be her way of getting your attention.

14. She has started to confide in you a lot. She’s told you that she trusts you more than her own best friends. And that is a clear sign!

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