24 Places In Your Own City You’ve Probably Never Visited

Do you often make plans to tour every exotic location around the world, but fail to soak in the charm of your own city?
What’s there in my city, you may think. But you feel happy after talking to a random tourist carrying a GoPro and an American Tourister backpack asking for directions at a tea-stall. And it leaves you with a feeling, “Wow, even I didn’t know of this obscure place..in my own city.”
Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Check out these exotic places (probably in your own city), that’ll turn you into a tourist, every day. To travel is to live, so tourister your everyday!


1. Afghan Church

An old Anglican church built by the British to commemorate the martyrs in the Afghan war, this imposing Grade I heritage structure is hidden away in a quiet street of Navy Nagar.

2. Gostana

A cute little cafe which is almost impossible to find in a street in Bandra, as it is tucked away behind the building in which it is housed. They have a pet dog, instruments which patrons can play, novels to read, board games, and floor cushions for an overall homely feel. Their food is also really good and practical.

3. Mandapeshwar Caves

Lesser known than the famous Kanheri caves, these caves found in Borivli atop the Poinsur Mountains are a sight to behold in the monsoons.

4. Sion Hillock Fort

A Grade I Heritage Structure, this fort was built by the East India Company around the year 1670 and offers a panoramic view up to the salt flats of Thane.


5. Henny’s Gourmet

One of the many food trucks all over Pune, this one is permanently parked near NIBM. Henny’s is best known for its mouth-watering waffles.

6. Khadki War Cemetry

Also spelt as Kirkee, this serene and visually appealing cemetery was built to commemorate martyrs of war. With ample greenery spread across the site, visit this place for a sense of belonging, and serendipity.

7. Dive Ghat Road

Drive out of Magarpatta city and halt on the road leading to Dive Ghat. Pause, breathe and take in the rewarding sight of the Pune city spread out below you.


8. Dodda Aladha Mara

This literally translates to ‘Big Banyan Tree.’ Situated in Kettohalli village, this single 400-year-old tree is spread across 3 acres and is considered to be one of the largest of its kind. Get lost among its roots as you navigate through a single tree.

9. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

A true-to-the-roots South Indian restaurant located in Basavanagudi, this place is known to all as a famous breakfast place. Delicious authentic filter coffee and melt in the mouth Idlis are what you should come for here.

10. Mahabodhi Society

This place for self-reflection is for everyone, Buddhist or otherwise, to visit and introspect. The serene surrounding and the statue of Buddha under a tree will fill you with spirituality.


11. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Baoli means step-well. This is an ancient step-well, hidden amongst the buildings of Connaught Place, preserving the cultural heritage of King Ugrasen.

12. Cheese Chaplin

Ever wandered through streets and just stumbled into a random restaurant because you were too hungry to care, and then found your next holy grail of delicious food? Cheese Chaplin is that place, offering delicious cheesy dishes at cheap rates.

13. Mehrauli

Representing an old city built before Delhi came alive, Mehrauli is a visual reminder of times gone by. Visit Balban’s Tomb for a site in beautiful ruins, and Ahinsa Sthal for a single 13 feet single rock idol of Lord Mahaveer.


14. Dialogue In The Dark

A restaurant resting in complete pitch black darkness, you have to deposit all belongings at the reception. You are led inside by blind people and made to sit in the utter darkness where you have to eat your food only by touching and feeling it. It is an experience you have to have once in your lifetime.

15. Mozamjahi Market

A sprawling complex of lanes and bylanes offering a view and taste of the real Hyderabad. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells as you wade through endless numbers of shops, eateries, and shacks.

16. Cafe Niloufer

A must visit Irani cafe in Hyderabad, this place is famous all over for its delicious Irani chai and delectable Osmani biscuits.


17. College Street

Also known as Boipada to the locals, this sprawling web of lanes and bylanes is a book lover’s paradise, and rightly so, because it is India’s largest second-hand book market.

18. Kumortuli

Take a look at the hard work that goes behind the world-famous Durga Pujo idols, made by the kumors (or sculptors) of Kolkata. An entire region is their very own quarters, offering a unique behind-the-scenes look at life as an artist.

19. China Town

India’s very own and only China Town, this place is home to a little community, hidden away among the suburbs of Kolkata. They have preserved their rich cultural heritage, thanks to their temples, shops, and architecture there.

20. Mother’s Wax Museum

Named after Mother Teresa, this was the first full-fledged wax museum established in November of 2014. 19 eminent personalities feature here, including Mother Teresa herself, Cricket legend Kapil Dev, and Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar.

21. Hogg Market

Named after Sirs Stuart Hogg and also known as New Market, this market complex sits at the heart of Lindsay street and is till the ultimate shopping experience for West Bengali culture lovers.


22. Koothu-p-patrai

Infusing modern day theatre with traditional Tamilian values, this experimental theatre has been holding plays for 31 years and is describe as a completely different theatre experience by prominent personalities in the field.

23. George Town

The first English city established in then-known Madras, George Town is a colonial town preserving the old-world charm and heritage of an era long past.

24. Higginbotham’s Bookstore

What is most peculiar about this bookstore is that it is known to be India’s oldest bookshop, located at Mount Road, with branches all over the country. To give you a little context, the oldest one, present in Chennai, was established in 1844.

So what are you waiting for? Tourister Your Every Day!

So there you have it, not a definitive, but a sprawling list to get you backpacking across your own or other cities in the country.

Safe travels!

Courtesy: StoryPick