32 Products That’ll Make Sitting At Your Desk Just A Little Easier


Office! Desk! Pain!

We are so used to the discomfort our chairs and desks provide us with that we deem ourselves doomed forever and lose hope of ever being comfortable while working.

Here are a few products that might help you feel a little better and happier, physically and mentally while working at your desk.

1. Weekly Chalkboard Calendar


Plan your every day without having to look into a Filofax.


2. Mechanical Colored Pencils

Image source

Easier than sketch pens and better than color pencils!


3. Animal Shaped Paper Clips

Image source

Big, easy and fun!


4. Drinklip Cup Holder

Image source

The best thing you can ever own.


5. Stackable Office Supplies

Image source

Stack em when not in use!


6. Task Clips

Image source

So that you never get confused!


7. Pie Graph Sticky Notes

Image source

Everything is pie.


8. Pencil Caps

Image source

Pencils deserve respect.


9. Translucent Ghost Sticky Notes

Image source

Mark, write and save your book from spoiling. Become Superman!


10. Spaceman USB Light

Image source

Saving you in the dark!


11. “What’s for Lunch?” Decision Spinner

Image source

So that you don’t have to decide.


12. Silent Mouse

Image source

No more click! click! click!


13. Cable Clips

Image source

Clip em!


14. Self-stirring Mug

Image source

Never thought making coffee could get easier than it already is. 😀


15. Foot hammock

Image source

So that your feet get to relax as well.


16. Desk vacuum

Image source

R2-D2 cleaning up for you.


17. Stapleless Stapler

Image source

No staples needed!


18. Nap Pillow

Image source

Because you deserve a nap.


19. Cleaning Gel or Putty

Image source

Spring cleaning!


20. Elliptical Machine

Image source

So that you never miss out on your exercise.


21. Hand Warmers

Image source

Warm hands, easier typing.


22. Desk Humidifier

Image source

So that you are never high and dry.


23. Rotating 360° Lego Sockets

Image source

This is the coolest invention ever.


24. Lock Mug

Image source

So that no one ever takes your cup. Ever.


25. “Inukshuk” Magnetic Stones

Image source 12

Better pile than any others.


26. Flexible Storage Straps

Image source

Easy does it.


27. Portable Coffee Cup Warmer

Image source

So that you never drink it too fast.


28. Sticky Notes Roll

Image source

Roll off your tasks on the pink carpet.


29. Post it Watches

Image source

So that you never forget again!


30. Calendar Stamp

Image source

Tick off with triumph!


31. Notepaper Roller

Image source

Roll with the punches!


32. USB Typewriter

Image source

Ditch the keyboard! Typewriters were easier.


Have a comfortable life people! :)