5 Hidden Places in India to Satisfy your Wanderlust

Have you ever wanted to go at a place where you could just connect with mother nature and cut off from outside world? Have you wondered to find a place which is still not touched by industrialization and is pure which will satisfy not only your wanderlust but your soul as well?

I bet your answer is yes, but the trick is that you couldn’t find such place.

I’ve found not 1, not 2 but 5 places which are still close to mother nature and will satisfy your wanderlust. List is below:

Turtuk, Ladakh, Nubra Valley
Source: ManfrottoImagineMore

An experience of its kind since Turtuk is the last village up to which travelling it allowed to visitors in Nubra Valley of Ladakh. Since, this place is lower in altitude than most of cities/towns surrounded, it gives you a breath of freshness in the form of green pastures.The village is inhabitated by Balti people coming down from Tibetan decent.

Best Time to visit: May – September


2. Thikalna
Thikalna Village House
Source: Airbnb

If you’ve ever dreamt of living amongst mountains, miles way from civilization, Thikalna Village House would be your heaven on earth. Deep in the forests with a clear view/sight of Himalayas, Thikalna village in Kumaon gives your soul the connection with nature it has always craved for. When we say away from modern day life, we are SERIOUS. This village is renovated and without electricity. So forget you smartphones, and enjoy the nature.

Best Time to visit: May – November


3. Pragpur:
Source: India Holiday Mall

Situated in panoramic Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Pragpur enjoys the honor of being the first Heritage Village of India. Inherited with rich culture and heritage, villagers have their belief in love. Cobbled stone streets designed with with different kind of artistic touch keeps you stunned. Cottage industry is another famous thing of this village.

Best Time to visit: May – October


4. Hodka
Hodka Village Crafts Hodka Village

Source: Hodka

A remote desert village famous for its art and crafts will touch your soul like nothing has done ever before. Located in Gujarat, and enjoying to be called as a distinct beauty of Banni region which borders the Rann of Kutch. Seeing mud houses painted with natural dyes and brilliant use of colors will leave you amazed. Needless to say Camel Safaris are not to be missed, also don’t forget to check out embroidery workshops.

Best Time to visit: July – March


5. Ziro
Ziro Village, Arunachal Pradesh
Source: Landscapes

A postcard picture perfect village of Aptani tribe, covered with layered landscape of rice field and rives, Ziro is the high point of any trip you make to North-East. People here are great at designing beautiful handlooms & handicrafts.

Ziro Music Festival
Source: Festival Sherpa

Now the best part of this place, in September for a period of four days, music lovers from all over the world visit Ziro Music Festival, where best of regional music is showcased along with great selection of bands from across the length and breadth of the country.

Best Time to visit: Though you may say September but over all it’s March – October


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