5 Must have Bags for Every Girl

Hello girls, we just love accessories. They can make or break our look at any time. Well, today I’m gonna talk about one of the most important thing which we carry all the time.


Love them, Or Hate them, but you can’t ignore them. And you want to have one for every different occasion. And if you are like me, then you want a new one for every occasion. Just take a look at some of the handbags which are MUST for you:

1.Sling Bags

Sling Bag for Girls

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Trendy they are and so in these days. They are perfect for a good evening outing, or even day brunch. Maybe small in size but can keep your essential stuff handy.

2. Clutch

Stylish Clutch for Girls

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Well, if you are not comfortable with something on you shoulder all the time, these are just perfect for you. They’ll always remain in your hands hence, under your control. They come for every different occasion like party, official etc. Choose one that suits your needs.

3. Tote Bag

Stylish Tote Bag for Girls

Source: Baggout

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These bags are not only trendy but are so in that there are shops having only Tote bags. Made up of soft clothing material as a girl would like, these bags are easy to carry. And space is one the biggest benefit of these bags. They also come in different designs to choose from, depending on the occasion.

4. Weekender Bag

Stylish Weekender Bag for Girls

Source: Remodelista

Large bags which are made up specially to keep all your stuff. Coming in different shapes but one thing which remains constant is ample of space. Don’t just use it for holiday, but you can also use them as gym bags, diapers, grocery etc.

5. Envelope Clutch

Stylish Envelope Clutch for Girls

Source: Aliexpress

This is sort of an extension of clutch mentioned in 2nd point. It is more like a day time clutch. Shaped as an envelope which is a little larger in size, mostly used in formal events like offices.

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