5 Things Happy Couples say to Each Other

1. I’m Sorry: It’s ok if you messed up. But important part is to keep your ego aside, and stop believing that saying sorry will give the other person in the relationship an upper hand. If you know that it was your mistake, say sorry. To keep a happy relationship make it a habit of saying sorry when you’ve made a mistake. Your stubbornness isn’t worth your relationship and you’ll be certainly appreciated for your efforts to keep it going.

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2. Thank You: Knowing what little or big things your partners are bringing to your relationship won’t suffice. You need to appreciate him/her openly as well. A simple appreciation or a thank you note won’t take a bit from you. Always remember appreciation is key to a happy relationship.

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3. We can Work It Out: Things get hard in every relationship. Obstacles come in every relationship but do not sulk the moment or start blaming your partners for their decision/choice. Always remember no one has ever won a war alone. It’s the team that counts you are a team in life for all things- the good and the bad, in sickness & in health.

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4. I’m Crazy About You: Yes, you love each other, and it remains there but to keep passion alive is also important. IT’s damn easy to fell prey to a routine & forget the excitement that brought you together. Letting him/her know that you’re still crazy about them, flirting & paying compliments will make your life much more fun & exciting.

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5. I Love You: Obvious? Yet do you remember the last time you said it? A lot of couples lose that initial affection & romance simply because they don’t say this enough. And don’t say it just for the sake of it, say it like you mean it & serve it with a hug.

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