Avoid These 3 Makeup Mistakes

Admit it that we all have gone through this. Thinking that we are doing the right makeup and at the end it was like DAMN! There’s something which is troubling and not right. Since none of us is perfect, there are certain flaws which you could have been making while applying make-up which can be easily fixed. Below are 3 makeup mistakes you could be making, try to fix them:

1. Wrong Color of Foundation

woman applying foundation
Source: BeautyStat.com

A BIG mistake! A mismatched foundation will never make you comfortable. While looking for a right tone, test some on your face, just to check which one blends to your skin tone so well that you can’t see it. Found the right one? That’s your tone.

2. Too bold Brows

Woman doing her eyebrow
Source: AsianetIndia.com

A super bold, dark, and overfilled eyebrow that can make you look scary. Nobody wants that. How to avoid it? Try a soft pencil of color which is matching the color of your brow hair. Lightly fill in the arch & shape it while brushing with the brow brush to make it look all blend. Feeling better? This will make you look prettier.

3. Flaky Lipstick

woman wearing lipstick

Admit it that there’s nothing worse than chapped lips wearing lipstick that in return looks, well, flaky and gross. Exfoliate a few times every week with a lip scrub. a lip balm ensures your lips to be smooth for any lipstick you would like to wear.


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