Formal Wear 101 – Style Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

I have many topics to cover about men’s fashion. However there are several topics that do not require an entire article. I have clubbed in some of my favourite tips to help you find the inner gentleman.
  • If you wish to look tall – Wear angular shoes or what people refer to as “pointed-front” shoes. Conversely, if you are tall you can opt for rounded oxfords or brogues for a classier look.

  • Bow-ties are conversation starters! If you are on your way to a fancy party, farewell or any formal event, wear a bow-tie. People will not only appreciate it, but personally compliment you if it is perfect.

  • The width of your tie should be the same as the width of the lapel on your jacket (blazer). Also, your knot should match your collar. It should fit in the space allotted on your shirt.

  • Your tie should match your pocket square if it is an all-formal event. If you are feeling bold, mismatch it. But make sure the colors match. Don’t go too bright. E.g. If your suit is brown and shirt is white, try a brown tie and a caramel pocket square.

  • If you are the kind of person who will ever own just one suit, buy a two-button suit. It has always and will always remain in fashion. Remember to keep the lower button open though. That’s added only for style.

  • Dress belt and dress shoes should ALWAYS be of the same color. You cannot get funky here.

  • As for your suit size, try on a size smaller than yours. This is the silent suit-rule. However, if you are bursting out or it’s uncomfortable, buy your size and get it a bit altered to fit perfect.

  • Dress shirt is called so because it is too long. You cannot leave your dress shirt un-tucked. That is Criminal. It makes you look like you have worn a dress. Which is just wrong! Also, remember dress shirts are supposed to be long so that they remain tucked in and do not slip out. Remember to get it altered to fit your perfectly. Also, we have the habit of pulling out a bit of the shirt. That is just wrong practice. Just half an inch should be pulled out and straightened so that it looks like the shirt is perfectly tucked in. Otherwise excess shirt hanging around your waistline makes you look like a muffin. Shirts should be tucked right in!

Courtesy: The Unstitchd