Your Guide to Clutter Free Home

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

In all our homes Closets were full, drawers wouldn’t shut, things weren’t put away, and unfinished projects could be found in most rooms. That was, unless somebody was coming over. Then, the entire family would pitch in to make sure the house was presentable. Looking back, the problem with clutter wasn’t that we didn’t notice or care. Instead, the problem was we could never get ahead of the mess or ever seem to develop a system that would keep our home clutter-free.

There’s a fine line between a beautifully accessorized room and feeling like junk mail, knick knacks, and wall art have completely taken over your entire home.

Believe it is possible. Most of us know it is entirely possible to live in a clutter-free environment. I imagine that is what attracts you to this guide. You are just looking for some extra help to get there.

Stop clutter before it enters your home with a landing strip.

Even if you’re conscientious about what you buy, it’s easy for clutter to sneak its way into your home in the form of junk mail, freebies, what have you. That’s why setting up a landing strip by the front door is so brilliant: because clutter has to come into your home somewhere, and you can stop it right at the source.

Couch Pillows Galore

Too many fluffy accessories can overwhelm a room. “Less is more when it comes to a small couch in a small space” To maintain an eclectic look, stick to two pillows of different sizes and colors instead.

couch pillows galore
Source: themesforbabyroom
Clear out the garage

Garages often become repositories for all your odds and ends. Everything from tools and camping equipment, to sporting goods and house supplies needs a home in your home. As you pack and stack everything in the garage, use various sized, clear storage bins for efficient organization. As a bonus, you can actually see the contents of each bin so you can actually find what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it!!


clear the clutter
Source: apersonalorganizer
Embrace Your Junk (Drawer!)

Every household has those little things — pens, tape, twist ties, whatnot — that get used a lot but don’t really have any logical place to go. Instead of agonizing over finding a home for every little thing, keep a junk drawer. The last few little bits of clutter get swept in there, and you’re done.

cluttered drawer
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Cutesy Kitchen Accessories

We’re talking teapots, cookbooks, and juice glasses. There was a time when you thought they were so adorable, but go ahead — it’s OK to admit you never use ’em. “When too many of these items are put into a small space, you start to create more clutter than not.”


kitchen accessories
Source: Mix and Chic
Kid-friendly clean ups

If children are expected to learn how to clean up after themselves, it helps to give them easy ways to do it. Use low shelving and labeled storage bins for all their toys and crafts.


wooden closet organizer for kids
Source: Home Design Ideas
Old Mementos

We’re not telling you to trash Grandpa’s pocket watch, but you might want to reconsider items that aren’t as near and dear to your heart. “If it’s not precious, it’s not worth keeping ‘just in case.”

“Only keep what you really love or actually use on a regular basis.” 

Too Many Floating Shelve

“Using an extra shelf to store stacks of plates and spices is totally worth it, but don’t over do it,” people have a tendency to store too many bins and tools instead of getting rid of unnecessary items as needed, creating clutter.

floating shelves
Source: Hey there, Home
 Decorative Table Trays

When used correctly, these containers are tools. “They provide a target or ‘drop zone.”The only problem? If you aren’t quick to put away your piles of mail, clutter ends up being the focal point of your space.

 Stacked Books

Even though this stylish trend is taking over coffee tables and fireplace mantles everywhere, it also creates unnecessary piles throughout your home. And since you’re usually trying to get rid of miscellaneous stacks, why add more to the problem?

stacked books
Source: Pinterest
Shadow Box Art

In theory,these seem like a great idea because they frame cute mementos and trinkets — but too much can lessen the appeal. “When grouped together without a cohesive theme, they just add clutter to the walls.”


shadow box art
Source: Etsy

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your home clutter free Today!

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