Locations in India Perfect for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!

A pre-wedding shoot in my eyes is that transition period for a couple where they are just progressing from being committed to each other in each other’s eyes to being committed to each other for the whole world. When the experience of courtship meets it’s beautiful ending and it is right before the union of two people is acknowledged by the World. A pre-wedding shoot is basically a reflection of a lot of factors- a bride’s nervousness, the comfort level of the couple, the fun that they fill in each other’s lives and most importantly how colorful they are going to make their upcoming journey holding each other’s hand! In India, weddings are given a completely different kind of status. So where the emphasis on a concept of that sort is never ending, we thought of combining a list for some of the best locations in India that capture those intimate moments the best and are enough to give you a memory of a lifetime:

Courtesy: Triphobo