Model Dresses up only in Body Paint Like Marty McFly

Paul Roustan- Body Painting

Would you trust us on the off chance that we revealed to you that this model isn’t wearing any garments? We are very certain you wouldn’t on the grounds that appearances can be beguiling.

This model displays herself, however what will snatch your eyeballs are not her looks, but rather her clothing, which unquestionably has something else about it. Rubbing your eyes in ponder?

Starkers, Shadia Elise, has been made to resemble the notable 80s character Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox. The character is picked from the renowned 1985 sci-fi motion picture, Back to the Future.

Be that as it may, extraordinarily, rather than wearing the typical pants and red gilet, the model has been canvassed go to toe in body paint. The 38-year-old skilled body craftsman and picture taker, Paul Roustan accomplished something as staggering as this.

The shoot occurred close by the in a split second unmistakable auto from the film, a DeLorean.

Once I did my first body painting, I was hooked. I was completely entranced by how a model can bring an artwork to life. This one was just fun though. I hope this gives viewers of my generation a little nostalgia, and a good feeling when you think of old memories. For me, the 80s was my favorite decade, and I think there are a lot of people my age that may agree. – Paul Roustan, Body Artist

Paul has been body painting for a long time, and the shoot was done as a feature of his advancement for his forthcoming 80s show, which is expected to be held at the Resin Gallery, California in February 2018.

The idea of Art is with the end goal that it obscures lines among appearance and reality, and urges you to acknowledge what is unbelievable.