Stunning Photographs of World’s One of the Oldest City

When you’re a traveler you tend to explore new cities and cultures. But what if I tell you that traveling to one of the oldest cities of the world has it’s own charm.

Yes, I’m talking about “Varanasi

It is a city on the banks of the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh in India. It has a great historic background. Let me tell you some of them which will tell you why Varanasi is considered so important.

– According to legends, Varanasi was founded by none other than Lord Shiva himself.

– Religion “Buddhism” is believed to be founded here by “Buddha” around 528 BCE when he gave his first sermon.

– The city’s religious importance continued to grow in the 8th century, when Adi Shankara established the worship of Shiva as an official sect of Varanasi.

– It is also believe hat epic poem on Rama’s life called Ram Charit Manas was written here in Varanasi by Tulsidas.

No doubt it has a great importance in Hindu Mythology but considering that it is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world, it has attracted many visitors.

When a traveler “AshrafulArefin” was visiting India, Varanasi was his first priority. Let me quote his exact words to you:

“Being one of the oldest living city of the world, Varanasi has always been a magical and mystical place to me. When I got the chance to travel to India this year, Varanasi was my first priority.

I traveled there in January on a 7 day solo trip. For me Varanasi is more than a city or a place to travel, It’s something to be felt deep within. There’s a certain peacefulness and spiritual feel to there even in the busiest ghats of the river Ganges. The most interesting and fascinating thing anyone could experience is the obvious circle of life and death. Death is so normal and like a part of everyday life there! Live cremation of dead bodies happening almost every hour. That really makes you realize how uncertain our lives can be and at the end nothing will go with us. It was like taking a spiritual journey for me.”

Check out Varanasi in a whole new light:











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